Put the YOU in your venue!

Put the YOU in your venue!

A wedding is the biggest day of most people's lives, so naturally, this should reflect YOU, both as individuals, and as a couple. Picking the right venue is one of the most important things you can do for your BIG day!

Certain aspects of your choice are more set in stone and you'll want to address these first, as it should help you in narrowing down your venue options. Conditions such as price, guest capacity, availability, and location tend to be fairly set in stone. So if you're planning on inviting every uncle, cousin, and high school friend you know, this will likely eliminate some sites from your list. Also, booking your venue and vendors a year or more in advance will help assure that you get your wedding dream team for your big day.

Your venue may dictate how the timeline of your day is structured. For example, one venue may only have a buffet-style dinner that limits when you can have your first dance. Another may not allow you to extend your night if you don't want it to end at say, 10 o'clock. And that barn locale you were looking at may not allow your caterer to have an open flame to keep food warm.

Now to the fun part - picking YOUR venue! What do you envision your wedding to look like? Are you shooting for that elegant, red-carpet look? Or are you interested in a more rustic feel? Maybe a little of both?

Luckily, the Rochester area has venues to suit nearly any atmosphere you could imagine!

There's a reason that some venues are so common, and that's because they do what they do so well. Golf and country clubs, hotels, and wineries can usually cover most of your day in-house, saving you from searching for even MORE vendors. At Sound Express, we have been lucky enough to work with so many of these great venues to create memorable experiences. (Check out our gallery page for ideas!) These venues tend to offer separate areas for ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, as well as a full kitchen area. Additionally, the hotel options will have rooms available for your guests to stay in after the party is over, and usually at discounted group rates.

Ultimately, you will be creating memories of the day that you started your new life together. Create a day that reflects the uniqueness of your personalities, and we'd love to be a small part of your BIG day!

"It's not what you do, it's how you do it."