Sound Solutions

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Multi track Audio Solutions

Having an event that needs 4 handheld mics, 3 lavalier mics and 6 instruments to plug in? With our multi track digital sound boards, we can handle it all, as well as provide all the microphones. Can you say "One Stop Shop"?!

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Using the latest in line array speaker technology, Sound Express A/V can handle the smallest corporate meetings to concert size events, all with crystal clear sound!

Lighting Solutions

Grand Entrance Lighting

Let's talk about the entryway for a minute. From the up-lighting, to the draping, to the red velvet ropes, stanchions and carpet runner, to the custom company logo on the wall. Sound Express A/V can take care of it all. 

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting has many applications that are instrumental in creating the perfect atmosphere throughout an event. It can be used to create a dramatic grand entrance with added excitement and fun, while adding beauty and sophistication to your upscale event. When the time is right, it can take your event to a whole new level.

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Up Lighting

Up-lighting is used to bring the room to life with color. The options are limitless. Not only on the walls, but columns or drapes, under table lighting, and more! This is the best bang for your buck, if you ask us.

There are so many more lighting options available...