Wedding Tasting Events

Think about the three most memorable parts of a wedding day. The three most remarkable things that guests will be talking about afterward.

Go ahead, we’ll wait.
Got it?
What did you come up with?

Likely, you thought of the following things, in one fashion or another - entertainment, food & drink, and venue appearance. The fact is, this is what MOST wedding guests remember the most. So if you’re planning a wedding or are a vendor yourself, what is the best way to FULLY experience all of the best that the industry has to offer?

A tasting event!

Sure, bridal shows are great, but they’re so busy, informal, and limiting to what you see. The Rochester area has a number of great venues that have exceptional banquet services, and you’ve got to pick out your menu anyways, right? These tasting events are not only a great time to make your meal selections but also a great way to round out your wedding with other A-list vendors.

At the end of February we did a tasting event at one of our favorite area venues, the Rochester Airport Marriott. Along with the excellent services the Marriott has, there were djs, photographers, florists, cake, rental, and design vendors on hand to give couples a sample of what they have to offer.

So why are tasting events great for everyone involved?

If you are PLANNING the wedding, here are some great benefits:

- Get your menu set exactly how you’d like for your big day.
- See how everything physically fits inside your venue space.
- Generate design ideas and see how it looks at the venue beforehand.
- Drastically cuts down on running around. “One stop shop” for preferred vendors.
- Talk more intimately and experience what those vendors have to offer.
- Go over further details with your venue and ask questions that you may have.

If you are the VENUE, here are some great benefits:
- Sound Express will make your space and other partners look AMAZING.
- Assure that your clients will have a memorable experience with the highest quality vendors.
- Collaborate to create a unique and customized design for your clients.
- Excellent promotional material for website, print media, and social networking.

So if you’re part of a tasting event, whichever side of the event that you’re on, make full use of the opportunity that’s available. If you’re getting married, do yourself a favor and get your planning all done at once. If you’re a venue, you owe it to your clients to set them up for a successful day and new life together. So let Sound Express give YOU a taste!